Reading Small Boats Head 2018

Thank you to all those who entered and raced this year, and congratulations to those who won their categories. We hope everyone had an enjoyable day - in spite of some sometimes challenging weather conditions.

Full results can be found online here.

Three divisions, starting at 0930, 1230, and 1530. Racing 3700 m downstream on the Thames at Reading on Saturday 13 October.

Following further discussion and assessment of current and expected weather conditions, we are happy to say that tomorrow's race will go ahead with no further enforced cancellations.

Our previous statement about refunds for withdrawals citing weather conditions still stands; and if you're not sure about the conditions and your club trailer is travelling anyway, why not come down and assess it for yourself over a coffee and a bacon sandwich - if you don't like what you see we will still refund weather-related scratches on race-day.

Please ensure you bring with you sufficient trestles and boat ties, and that unattended boats in the rigging area are securely tied down.

Due to expected weather conditions, we have taken the decision at this time to cancel the following events:

J14.1x, W.J14.1x, J14.2x, W.J14.2x, J14.4x+, W.J14.4x+

J15.1x, W.J15.1x, J15.2x, W.J15.2x

All other events (including J15.4x+ and W.J15.4x+) will at this stage still run. We will make a final decision regarding the remaining events when we see the 24-hour forecast tomorrow morning.

Crews in those events above will receive a full refund. As will any other crews withdrawn at this stage citing concerns about weather conditions.

The draw is now available:

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

The event is organised using the new British Rowing points system, and as such we have had to make some changes to the way in which the Open (Men's) and Women's event are organised. We have tried to do this in such a way that we maintain opportunities for doubling up, and offer sufficient flexibility for clubs and individuals to race in their preferred division. 

Open (Men's) and Women's events for each boat type are each split into three Categories: OPEN, INTERMEDIATE, and BEGINNER. Crews should use the following guide to determine which category to enter:

OPEN: Open to all, but predominantly aimed at those crews who would have raced at IM1 or above.

INTERMEDIATE: Aimed at crews who would have raced in the IM1 - IM3 region.

BEGINNER: Aimed at crews with little or no competitive experience, or those in the IM3 - NOV region.

In the event of a category having more than 10 entries, it shall be split into two tiers of 5 or more crews according to the CRI points values of the entered crews.

For example: An Open M.1x category with 12 entries might be split into a 5-boat T1-Open M.1x, and a 7-boat T2-Open M.1x.

Please note: It is possible that crews entering into INTERMEDIATE or BEGINNER may be judged as having too many CRI points for that category, in which case the event organisers may inform the club in question that the crew will be raced as time-only if the line-up cannot be changed. 

Please contact with any queries.