New Members

Reading Rowing Club welcomes adults of any age and juniors over the age of 11. We accept new members all year round and it is not necessary to have any rowing experience; the club currently has over 200 members, many of whom joined with little or no experience of rowing. For those adults new to the sport you will join our Learn to Row course before progressing to the relevant squad.

If you are interested in joining Reading Rowing Club then your first port of call should be the relevant Vice Captain – Men’s, Women’s, Juniors’, Masters’ or Explore.  Please note that there is currently a waiting list for those looking to join the Junior squad.  If you're not sure which Squad to join, or you want to row solo or in our Explore group, please contact the Membership Secretary and they will help you find the right contact.

Your Vice Captain or Learn To Row Coordinator will tell you which forms you need to complete.  Normally, you will need to fill in the Reading Rowing Club Membership and Medical Screening forms, or for those wishing to join via the Learn to Row course, complete the Beginners Expression of interest form under the LEARN tab. See below for forms and return them as directed by your contact.

New members should also read the Club Rules, Bye-Laws and Safety Guidelines, while Junior members and parents/guardians are required to familiarise themselves with the Junior Regulations.


New and Existing Member Forms

Club Rules

Reading Rowing Club Rules (PDF)
Reading Rowing Club Bye-Laws (PDF)
Junior Member Regulations (PDF)
RRC Safety Policy (PDF)
RRC Safety Guidelines – Appendix A –Navigation Rules and Danger Areas (PDF)
RRC Safety Guidelines – Appendix B – Landing Circulation Pattern (PDF)

RRC Infringement & Grievance Policy (PDF)



Reading Rowing Club Membership Form - for new members (online form)
Reading Rowing Club Membership Update Form - for existing members (online form)

Medical Screening (Adult) (PDF)
Medical Screening (Junior) (PDF)
Learn to Row expression of interest through the LEARN tab

Boat Racking Request Form - Members Only (online form)


Direct Debit Mandate (online form)

Membership prices (2019/20)

Where does my money go?

Your money goes to buy and repair boats. Last year over 100% of the money raised through subscriptions and racking was used in new boat purchases or in maintaining our existing fleet. Our other expenses were covered from alternative income streams like camps, functions and regattas. Pretty impressive, right?

How much does it cost?

Your volunteer committee work hard to minimise the fees we need to charge. The fees for this year (April 2019-March 2020) were agreed at our AGM as:

Joining Fee (all new members, except coaches) £30*

plus an annual fee of:

Gold (adult racing as Reading RC): £402

Silver (adult non-racing): £282

Retired (over state pension age): £282

Student (under 23 & in full-time education):  £282

Junior (under 18 on 1st April 2017): £282

Associate member: £25

Coach/Umpire/Cox/Parent Helper: No charge

Loss of FOB: £5

* The joining fee is only payable once, unless your membership lapses (you stop paying) in which case, you will need to pay the joining fee again when you resume your membership.

We want to support everyone to enjoy rowing, so please talk to us about flexible or reduced payment options if you would struggle to cover the membership fees. 

Racking prices (2019/20)

To be allocated a Rack in the club members need to complete the Boat Racking Request Form (above), these are auto dated and form the basis for a waiting list when the club is full.

The annual rates for racking boats at the club now include the annual Environment Agency (EA) membership fees of (adult £26.40 and junior £8.10) which cover the period to 31 March 2020:

Adult Single - £272.40

Junior Single - £254.10

Adult Double/Pair - £434.40

Adult Quad/Four - £842.40

Members with an approved rack at the club must register the boat through the British Rowing Club Hub system ( , and either and preferably:

  • set up a direct debit on the British Rowing Club Hub system


  • pay by cheque or bank transfer direct to the club (please contact treasurer or membership secretary for account details)

Note that the Environment Agency fee needs to be paid in full even if started mid year - and must be added to first month of direct debit if paid monthly.