Reading Rowing Club has two De Graaf rowing trailers and a bespoke trailer for smaller boats:

  • Large Trailer: 1200kgs unladen, 2600kgs max laden weight, 4 horizontal racks with 4 vertical supports. Suitable for carrying any of our racing equipment.
  • Small Trailer: 900kgs unladen, 2200kgs max laden weight, 3 horizontal racks with 3 vertical supports. Unsuitable for carrying 2/3 split 8s, requires end hazard marking of 4s.
  • Very small trailer: Specifications to follow.


Who Can Tow

Both trailers are plated as being able to be laden to a weight greater than 2 tonnes; therefore this requires a “+E” category licence. For those who passed their driving test before the 1st January 1997, this was included on your licence. For those who passed their driving test after this date, it is not, and you must take a separate test.

Both trailers are suitable to be towed by a category “B” vehicle, subject to the vehicle’s towing capacity being greater than that of the fully laden trailer, with a suggested maximum trailer weight 85% of the maximum towing capacity of the vehicle. It is also recommended that the width of the wheelbase of the vehicle is the same, or wider, than the width of the wheelbase of the trailer. As a result, the small trailer is generally able to be towed by most large family cars. The large trailer requires a vehicle with a wheelbase similar to a Ford Transit Tipper, typically seating 3 people in the front, and preferably having a double rear axle (4 wheels on the rear axle).

The restriction of trailer length and vehicle suitability has been answered by the Department of Transport, a copy of their email can be provided upon request:

“Your rowing boats came under the invisible load category and hence the 7 meters limit does not apply as long as the trailer is not carrying anything else.”

Boxes containing all the required equipment to tow are located in the electrical cupboard along with a recommended checklist and signing out form. Please note, however, the driver remains liable at all times for the suitability of the loading and trailer.


How to Book the Trailer

Email with the date, location of the event you’re towing to and the contact name (preferably the person towing). This address can also be used to inform us of any problems with, or damage to, the trailers.


Trailer availability