The club has had a strong start to the 2016 / 2017 season, amassing 27 wins across the opening couple of races.

Amongst all the well deserved wins there have been a couple of standout performances to recognise. At Reading Small Boats Head, new comer Maddy Pollard went up against 11 Headington School scullers, she took the race into her own hands and opened a 32 second lead to take the W.J16 single title. Josh Rundle has dominated the J15 1x across local races with three wins at RSBH, Wallingford LDS and Henley Sculls, whilst the partnership of Holly Cookson and Portia Threlfall have continued their dominance in the double scull.

After narrowly missing out on the fastest crew in their division at Reading Small Boats the men’s quad of Nick Brown, Will Robinson, Henry Stevens and Nick Musson came back and set the fastest time of the day to take the headship at Kingston Small Boats Head. The club had a number of crews represented at Pairs Head, the crew of Taylor and Rose finished 4th in a tough field in Mas G/I 2- whilst Schonauer and Robb finished 7th in MasE.2-.

The start girls had a strong race in the final of the women’s double at Senior British Championships, Laura Meridew and Mathilda Hodgkins-Byrne, opened up an early lead but the crew of Annabel Stevens and Lucy Glover (Warrington RC) pushed back in the final 500 to bring it down to a close finish. It was Laura and Mathilda who came out on top picking up the bronze in the Open Women’s double, whilst Annabel and Lucy set a new championship record for the second time in two days and the Women’s U19 double pennant.

Recent Wins.

Isis Sculls

WC/D 1x – Sally Pollok-Morris

Wallingford Long Distance Sculls

J15 1x – Josh Rundle

WC1x – Sally Pollok-Morris

W.J15 2x – Portia Threlfall and Lauren Thornton

J16 2x – Tom Reid and Will Pratt

Reading Small Boats Head

J15 1x – Josh Rundle

W.J16 1x – Maddy Pollard

W.Snr 1x – Annabel Stevens

W.IM1 1x – Laura Meridew

W.ELI 1x – Laura Meridew

MasC.1x - Simon Markham

W.J15 2x – Portia Threlfall and Holly Cookson

W.IM3 2x – Jess Shepard and Aria Johnston

IM3 2- - Rob Clay and Phillip Mallinson

W.J14 4x+ - Becky Stone, Sophie Underwood, Izzy Cotton, Holly Cookson, Nathan May

IM3 4+ - Mike Croll, Steve Clarke, Sean Simpson, Will Dawe and Marie Hoadley

Senior British Championships

W.U19 2x - Annabel Stevens and Lucy Glover (Warrington RC)

Weybridge Silver Sculls

W.J14 1x – Holly Cookson

W.J15 2x – Holly Cookson, Portia Threlfall

W.IM3 2x – Abi Baker, Jo Wootton

W.J14 2x – Izzy Cotton, Georgie Pollard

Upper Thames Autumn Head

W.J14 2x – Georgie Pollard, Holly Cookson

W.J14 4x+ - Sophie Underwood, Becky Stone, Georgie Pollard, Holly Cookson, Euan Deas

W.IM3 4x – Jo Wootton, Abi Baker, Georgina Gower, Izzy Richards

Henley Sculls

J15 1x – Josh Rundle

W.J14 1x – Holly Cookson

W.J15 2x – Holly Cookson and Portia Threlfall

W.J14 4x+ - Georgie Pollard, Izzy Cotton, Becky Stone, Sophie Underwood and Euan Deas

Good Luck to everyone racing over the next couple of weeks, the various squads are busy with various races across the region and county. The club has a number of juniors and start girls attending the first rounds of trials over the coming weeks up in Boston. Next stop for the juniors is Pangbourne on the 12th followed by Walton on the 10th December. The seniors and vets are taking to the tideway this weekend for Fours Head and Vet’s head. The seniors are sending three boats to Fours Head, whilst there are six boats heading to vet’s head the day after.