The Junior squad at Reading Rowing Club has had a great number of successes at regional, national and international level in recent years. We offer rowing throughout all age categories and abilities (13 to 18), for both boys and girls. The squad has won medals at the National Schools Regatta, Junior British Championships and qualified for Henley Royal Regatta as well as at International Regattas. The Junior squad train towards achieving these ultimate goals as well as entering a number of indoor competitions, heads and regattas each year.

What to expect?

Reading RC is a large Junior Squad of keen and enthusiastic young people who are supportive of each other and who enjoy both the rowing and the social side of being part of the club. The junior squad includes young people of all ages from 13 – 18 as well as all abilities and experience, from novices through to those with GB caps.

We are currently full and are operating a waiting list for people wishing to come into the sport for the first time. We try to bring new entrants into the squad once a year in September, subject to availability of places becoming available. We always aim to pair up athletes within their age group and the year above, in order to test viable crew combinations for events, but also to emphasise the social aspect of the sport.

Safety is paramount, so each junior member is required to successfully complete a swim and capsize test. Juniors are able to train in singles, doubles, quads and octuplet and when older in pairs, fours and eight. The type of boat can vary from session to session, but will depend largely on age, experience and number of other juniors at the same stage. As juniors gain experience, then the opportunity to race at Heads and Regattas is available. The squad train on the water up to 8 times a week during the summer (double outings on Saturday and Sunday mornings and evenings in the week).

Training sessions during the winter and summer will be a mixture of water and land based training. Alongside outings, there is a circuit training session one evening during the week (winter) for those that want to increase their fitness. The overall aim is to improve technique and increase fitness, flexibility and core strength, particular attention is given to not overloading the athletes.

Those who show a particular inclination and aim to compete at a higher level, at National Championships and above a training programme is geared towards performance, with the support of coaches who have achieved notable results already. This training is more rigorous and will involve some type of training nearly every day.
If you are new to the sport and would like to join the junior squad, we run beginner and novice courses during the year. These short intensive courses enable you to learn the basics or for a novice develop your basic technique. Offers of a place are made, subject to availability, following successful completion of one or more of these courses.


Training Times

Monday - Thursday: Weekday training sessions generally run 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Saturday: 08:30 - 10:00; 11:30 - 13:00

Sunday: 07:30 - 09:00; 10:30 - 12:00



Steve, Juniors Vice Captain: "I am delighted to be the Vice Captain of the Junior squad of Reading Rowing Club. My son joined the Club 18 months ago and is a very active member of the squad. I started generally helping as a parent helper and became increasingly involved, driving launches for the coaches and became VC in September.

The Junior squad is an exceptionally strong squad which is also very inclusive. It has grown substantially over the last 2/3 years. In competition terms the last 12 months have been outstanding by way of success in both local and national events. I aim to continue that success and retain the friendliness and spirit that is very much a part of the Club."


Welfare and safeguarding of children

Reading Rowing Club upholds a duty of care to all of our members.  Our Club Welfare Officer, Andrew Jones, ensures that Reading Rowing Club is compliant with British Rowing guidelines on child protection. Andrew administers the DBS check process and ensures that all adult volunteers and coaches follow good procedure.

He is available at any time to junior rowers, parents or other Members of the club who have questions or would like to discuss any welfare matters. You can contact Andrew by email.  The British Rowing guidelines regarding junior athletes are accessible here.  The Junior Squad also appoints at least one junior rower to act as representatives for junior issues on the Management Committee.


Joining the Junior Squad

If you are interested in joining the Reading’s Junior Squad please submit your details on the waiting list form. We look forward to hearing from you.